Optimal Structure Design High Precision! High Rigidity!  
● The main structure castings of the machine are manufactured from high quality cast iron, stress relieved for better stability.
● One-piece Cast iron base features increased rigidity and superior machining stability.

● The headstock is ruggedly constructed to resist heavy duty turning with excellent heat dissipation performance. Equipped with 3,000/4,200 RPM precision spindle.

● The spindle has a labyrinth circulation design to prevent moisture and dust from entering into the spindle.

CAD/CAE Computer Analysis

● The machine structure is designed by CAD computer software.

● Advanced CAE computer software is also applied for optimal structure design. In addition, this software also provides analysis of dynamic, static stress and thermal stress.

Box ways on X and Z-axis  

● Rapid traverse on X-axis is 20M/min(L-290/M)

● Rapid traverse on Z-axis is 25M/min(L-290/M)

● Box ways are hardened and precision ground.

High Speed, Precision Turret  

● V8 hydraulic turret(STD.)
● V12 hydraulic turret(OPT.)
● V8 NC turret (OPT.)

Rigid, Robust Tailstock  
● Tailstock quill diameter 60mm, MT NO.4 (STD.)
● Tailstock quill diameter 90mm, MT NO.5 (OPT.)
L-370 II
● Tailstock quill diameter 80mm,MT NO.5 (STD.)
Top Quality Electronic Components  
● The electronic parts and connectors meet the rigorous military specifications and industrial specifications. These top quality electronic parts provide extremely stable control performance and long service life.
● Outstanding control circuit layout combines with modular design to simplify maintenance, while ensuring control performance at all times.
Oil Fluid Separation Device  
● The coolant system is designed with oil fluid separation to prevent coolant from deterioration or odor.



Description UnitL-370II
CAPACITY Swing over bed mm Ø610
Swing over saddle mm Ø390
Max. turning diameter mm Ø390
Max. working length mm 700 (V8)
Distance between centers mm 800
Bar capacity mm Ø75
Chuck size inch 10"
Type of collet chuck - -
STROKE X-axis stroke mm 250(210+40)
Z-axis stroke mm 750
FEEDRATE Axial rapid feedrate m/min X:20, Z:25
Cutting feedrate (X/Z) mm/min 10000
SPINDLE Spindle speed   3000
Spindle nose - A2-8
Spindle taper - 1/20
Spindle bore diameter mm Ø88
TURRET Turret type and storage capacity - Hydraulic V8/V12 (opt.)
Square tool dimension mm 25x25
Boring tool dimension mm Ø40
Turret indexing time (T to T) sec 0.5
M-axis tool speed rpm -
"M-axis tool motor output (cont/15 min)" KW(HP) -
TAILSTOCK Tailstock movement type - Manual/Saddle(opt.)
Tailstock body stroke mm 310
Quill movement type - Hydraulic
Quill stroke mm 100
Quill diameter mm Ø80
Quill taper - MT. NO.5
Max. quill thrust kg 440
MOTOR "Spindle motor output (cont./30 min.)" KW(HP) 15/18.5
Axis servo motor KW(HP) X:3.0, Z:3.0
ACCURACY X/Z axis positioning accuracy(VDI 3441) mm 0.01
X/Z axis repeatability accuracy(VDI 3441) mm 0.006
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Hydraulic pump motor output KW(HP) 1.5(2)
Hydraulic pressure kg/cm²(PSI) 40(560)
Hydraulic tank capacity L 110
COOLANT TANK Coolant motor output KW(HP) 0.75(1)
Coolant tank capacity L 110
Lub. tank capacity L 3
OTHER Power requirements KVA 30
Machine size (L×W×H) mm 3158x1955x1747
Machine weight kg 5100


Machine Accessories
Standard Option
FANUC 0i Mate TD/0i-TD Control Spindle Speed 4200 rpm
Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck V12 Hydraulic Turret
Hydraulic V8 Turret/VDI Power Turret V8/V12 Servo Turret(L-290)
Hydraulic Tailstock Programmable Tailstock
Foot Switch Control for Chuck Air Blast Device
Coolant System Parts Catcher
Automatic Lubrication System Product Conveyor
3-color Warning Lamp Auto Door
Working Lamp Oil Mist Collector
Tool Box with Tools Bar Feeder Interface
Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart Oil Skimmer
Operation Manual Manual/Auto Tool Presetter
Maintenance Manual Automatic Loading/Unloading Device (Robot)
Manual Guide 0i Transformer
Auto Power OFF  
Dynamic Graph Simulation  
Rigid Tapping  
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface (PCMCIA)