TMT TL series CNC lathe features compact construction, small footprint and high efficiency. Outstanding rigidity and stability, combined with the use of automatic bar feeder enable the machine to achieve automatic operations that save labor costs and greatly increase turning efficiency.

● In addition, the TMT TL series is designed according to ergonomic engineering theorem for upgrading operational convenience. Parts collection is very convenient. Fully reflect the unique performance integrated in the TL series CNC lathe from TMT.



High Rigidity Machine Structure  
● Box ways on both X and Z axes. The slide ways are harden and precision ground and scraped.
● The base is a rigid box type construction. It features vibration free during high speed, high accuracy cutting and heavy duty cutting.
High Speed, High Precision Spindle  
● The spindle runs in class P4 high precision angular contact ball bearings. The spindle is three points supported by bearings to increase spindle rigidity while minimizing thermal deformation.
● The specially designed spindle construction is not only suitable for high speed, high precision cutting, but also excellent for heavy duty cutting.
Coolant System
● The coolant flowing through machine base is effectively cooled down and reduces temperature of the coolant.
High Precision Servo Turret
● The servo turret driven by a high speed servomotor. It's combined with high precision gear transmission to perform fast tool change.
● Adjacent tool index can be accomplished in only about 0.1 to 0.2 seconds.
Precision I.D. and O.D. Tool Holder
● The highly rigid O.D. tool holders thoroughly eliminate tool vibration during cutting.
● The I.D. tool holders are bored on the machine and run-out to the spindle center is controlled in 5µm.
● Deviations of drilling and I.D. machining are kept at a minimum.
Parts Catcher
● The parts catcher is designed by using the mechanical synchronization principle. Once parts are finished and cut off, the parts catcher collects the finished products fast and efficiently.
Product Conveyor
● By equipping with bar feeder and product conveyor, the CNC lathe provides a fully automatic operation system.


Description UnitTL-180J
CAPACITY Swing over bed mm Ø560
Swing over saddle mm Ø210
Max. turning diameter mm Ø200
Max. working length mm 220
Distance between centers mm 277.5
Bar capacity mm Ø52
Chuck size inch 8"
Type of collet chuck - 3 jaw chuck
STROKE X-axis stroke mm 115 (100+15)
Z-axis stroke mm 220
FEEDRATE Axial rapid feedrate m/min X:18, Z:20
Cutting feedrate (X/Z) mm/min 10000
SPINDLE Spindle speed   4200
Spindle nose - A2-6
Spindle taper - 1/20
Spindle bore diameter mm Ø66
TURRET Turret type and storage capacity - Wedge type V8
Square tool dimension mm 20x20
Boring tool dimension mm Ø25
Turret indexing time (T to T) sec 1
M-axis tool speed rpm -
"M-axis tool motor output (cont/15 min)" KW(HP) -
TAILSTOCK Tailstock movement type - Hydraulic
Tailstock body stroke mm 170
Quill movement type - -
Quill stroke mm 177
Quill diameter mm Ø30
Quill taper - MT NO.2
Max. quill thrust kg 120
MOTOR "Spindle motor output (cont./30 min.)" KW(HP) 5.5/7.5
Axis servo motor KW(HP) X:1.2, Z:1.2
ACCURACY X/Z axis positioning accuracy(VDI 3441) mm 0.01
X/Z axis repeatability accuracy(VDI 3441) mm 0.006
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Hydraulic pump motor output KW(HP) 1.5 (2)
Hydraulic pressure kg/cm²(PSI) 40 (560)
Hydraulic tank capacity L 158
COOLANT TANK Coolant motor output KW(HP) 0.75 (1)
Coolant tank capacity L 158
Lub. tank capacity L 2
OTHER Power requirements KVA 15
Machine size (L×W×H) mm 2085x1360x1545
Machine weight kg 2550



Machine Accessories
Standard Option
FANUC 0i Mate TD/0i-TD Control Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck 6"/8"(TL-42/TL-52)
Collet Chuck 173E-Ø42/185E-Ø60(TL-42/52) Collet Chuck(TL-160J/TL-180J)
Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck 6"/8"(TL-160J/TL-180J) Manual Hydraulic Tailstock
Hydraulic V8 Turret/VDI Turret Foot Switch Control for Chuck(TL-42/TL-52)
Foot Switch Control for Chuck(TL-160J/TL-180J) Parts Catcher(TL-160J/TL-180J)
Parts Catcher(TL-42/TL-52) Product Conveyor(TL-160J/TL-180J)
Product Conveyor(TL-42/TL-52) Auto Door
Coolant System Oil Mist Collector
Automatic Lubrication System High Pressure Cutting Coolant Motor
3-color Warning Lamp Bar Feeder
Working Lamp Oil Skimmer
Front Air Blast Transformer
Tool Box with Tools  
Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart  
Operation Manual  
Maintenance Manual  
Manual Guide 0i  
Auto Power OFF  
Bar Feeder Interface  
Dynamic Graph Simulation  
Rigid Tapping  
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA)