Massive, rigid 45° Slant Bed of Oil Lathe Construction

Rigid Machine Structure
● The 45° slant bed is one-piece manufactured from high quality Meehanite cast iron, stress relieved. This results in maximum stability of structural material and deformation-free performance for years.
● The structure is analyzed by 3D Finite Element Analysis to achieve superior rigidity.
● Extra wide box ways on X, Z-axis are excellent for heavy duty cutting. The box ways are hardened and precision ground, contact slider coated with TURCITE-B. These box ways provide outstanding wear resistance and make the machine ideal for heavy duty cutting.


Hydraulic Turret
● The hydraulic turret is driven by hydraulic servo indexing motor, which is combined with the use of high precision clutch for positioning. This design provides fast and accurate tool change.
Spindle Gear Box  
● The rigid gearbox body combined with Japan imported gear, that are manufactured from Cr-Mo alloy steel, precision ground and carburization treated, These excellent gears provide high efficiency, low thermal growth and low noise transmission features.
Rigid Spindle Headstock  
● The massive spindle headstock construction assures outstanding stability when performing heavy duty cutting.
High Precision spindle
● The spindle runs in double row cylindrical roller bearing and high precision angular contact thrust bearings, providing superior axial and radial loading capability under heavy duty cutting conditions.
Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck  
● The hydraulic 3-jaw chuck is standard equipment.
● 3-jaw chuck diameter varies with the machine model 10"/12"/15"/18" to choose from.
● A foot switch is provided for controlling chuck clamping and unclamping, providing added convenience and efficiency.
Hydraulic Tailstock  
● The tailstock quill movement is actuated by hydraulic system for convenient work piece clamping.
Programmable Tailstock (OPT.)  
● The tailstock movement can be controlled by programs to save manual operation and time, while upgrading efficiency of operation.
Manual/Automatic Tool Length Measuring Device (OPT.)  
● The manual/automatic tool length measuring device is applied for convenient tool setting, wear compensation and breakage detection


Description UnitTTB-26
CAPACITY Swing over bed mm Ø515
Swing over saddle mm Ø390
Max. turning diameter mm Ø390
Max. working length mm 530
Distance between centers mm 650
Bar capacity mm Ø75
Chuck size inch 10"
Type of collet chuck - -
STROKE X-axis stroke mm 195+25
Z-axis stroke mm 590
FEEDRATE Axial rapid feedrate m/min X:16, Z:20
Cutting feedrate (X/Z) mm/min 10000
SPINDLE Spindle speed   3500
Spindle nose - A2-8
Spindle taper - 1/20
Spindle bore diameter mm 87
TURRET Turret type and storage capacity - Hydraulic 10/12 (opt.)
Square tool dimension mm 25x25
Boring tool dimension mm Ø40
Turret indexing time (T to T) sec 0.8
M-axis tool speed rpm -
"M-axis tool motor output (cont/15 min)" KW(HP) -
TAILSTOCK Tailstock movement type - Manual/Programmable(opt.)
Tailstock body stroke mm 490
Quill movement type - Hydraulic
Quill stroke mm 80
Quill diameter mm Ø85
Quill taper - MT. No.4
Max. quill thrust kg 288
MOTOR "Spindle motor output (cont./30 min.)" KW(HP) 15(20)/18.5(25)
Axis servo motor KW(HP) X:3(4), Z:3(4)
ACCURACY X/Z axis positioning accuracy(VDI 3441) mm 0.01
X/Z axis repeatability accuracy(VDI 3441) mm 0.006
HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Hydraulic pump motor output KW(HP) 1.5 (2)
Hydraulic pressure kg/cm²(PSI) 35 (500)
Hydraulic tank capacity L 50
COOLANT TANK Coolant motor output KW(HP) 0.75 (1)
Coolant tank capacity L 210
Lub. tank capacity L 2
OTHER Power requirements KVA 30
Machine size (L×W×H) mm 3245x1750x2050
Machine weight kg 5000



Machine Accessories
Standard Option
FANUC 0i-TD Control Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck 15"/18"
Hollow Hydraulic 3-jaw Chuck Spindle Bore through 140mm w/15" Hydraulic Chuck
V10 Hydraulic Turret Spindle Bore through 150mm w/18" Hydraulic Chuck
Hydraulic Tailstock Spindle Bore through 165mm w/20" Hydraulic Chuck
Gear Box(TTB-36 Series) V12 Hydraulic Turret
Foot Switch Control for Chuck Programmable Tailstock
Coolant System Front Air Blast
Automatic Lubrication System Auto Door
3-color Warning Lamp Oil Mist Collector
Working Lamp Bar Feeder Interface
Tool Box with Tools Oil Skimmer
Chip Conveyor & Chip Cart Manual/Auto Tool Presetter
Operation Manual Transformer
Maintenance Manual  
Manual Guide 0i  
Auto Power OFF  
Dynamic Graph Simulation  
Rigid Tapping  
RS-232 Interface  
Memory Card Interface(PCMCIA)